5 Reasons Poetry is Good for the Soul

 Poetry is often overlooked in today’s digital era. Many have forgotten just how moving, relatable, and imaginative poetry is. Poems are necessary to a fuel soul. It is shaped in language but blooms in the form of metaphors. Poems have the power to transport us to distant times, it’s the keeper of dreams, and is fearless in exploring the unknown.

 Without poetry we would live in a bleak world. Below are five reasons poetry is good for the soul.

 It Helps you Escape

In the digital era, it is easy to say we “don’t have time” to read a fiction book anymore. Instead we spend hours catching up with what celebrities are doing on Instagram or binging Netflix. Reading poetry is a perfect happy medium. You don’t have to dedicate 300 pages to it but still get fresh perspectives, an emotional boost, and explore new places and depths. These bite-sized poems are perfect for modern day thinkers and dreamers.

 It Says What you Can’t

As readers, it is comforting to know that we are not alone in our struggles. Poems aren’t just for leaning on during hard times. Sure they help us get through heartbreak and loss, but poetry also can describe complete bliss and love. Sometimes a poem can encapsulate exactly what we’re feeling when we aren’t even sure ourselves.

 It Widens our Vocabulary and Prospective

When we read poetry we digest new strings of vocabulary, stories, and feelings described by some of the best wordsmiths. The way they describe ordinary objects and feelings can be so imaginative it often sparks new insight into life. This encourages us to think about the world through fresh eyes.

 It’s Therapeutic

Writing poetry in particular, is therapeutic. There’s something about writing all your feelings out on paper. You can discover your fears, hopes, and dreams, or express the things you find hard to say verbally. It’s like journaling but for creative minds.

 It’s Inspiring

Poems are known to inspire some of the most successful artists. The way words flow together can be magical for some and awaken a part of themselves that they may not have known they had. For Evita Mia Designs, we are highly influenced by our favorite poets like Tyler Knott Gregson, Rupi Kaur, and many more. Our brand is created from good energy, free spirits, and bold and fresh colors, just how we like our poems. To check out our collection of custom made jewelry that serves a purpose, click here.





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