Florecer Jewelry Collection Highlights New Beginnings with Spring Passion

Can words describe the very emotions Spring brings? The promise of Spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the cold winter. Emerging blossoms, buzzing insects, beating sun, comforting warmth, and the growth of new creatures. Spring is positively and fascinatingly beautiful; a refreshing season to inspire new beginnings. It inspires us to shape our dreams into a reality and bloom our life into a fresh, new, and beautiful one.

 Florecer; an interesting word of Spanish origin which translates as "to Flourish"; the perfect phrase for a beautiful collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to highlight spring elements on your spirited and youthful self.  

 The vibrant colors are inspired by blossoms and the ocean, and are shown greatly through my new collection; there is a range of flowers and ocean themed jewelry to match any personality, with vivid pastels and vibrancy to kick off the new season of Spring. Heavenly emotions await to blossom with my handcrafted jewelry; such as happiness, joy, light, and love.

 My jewelry is all decorative pieces that are not only stunning but also serve an honest purpose. For me, it isn't just about making money from doing what I love. Something I am deeply passionate about is supporting an honorable cause; I feel devoted to making an impact, in any way I possibly can. This is why 5% of my sales are donated to the Juanfe Foundation. Their mission is to support vulnerable children and adolescents by focusing on the important development and the protection of children and mothers that currently live in extreme poverty. Understanding poverty and realizing what we can do to help is one of the few reasons I decided to start this heart-moving journey of teaching the world to love and enlighten, and to portray that through my jewelry.

In California, we rely on Spring for many reasons. We await those warm days at the beach, gazing at the everlasting sunsets, and looking forward to the fresh beginning of a new year and season. Just like the seasons change, so does one's emotions, opportunities, and perspectives.  

 I hope my new Florecer collection sets up your Spring months to be ones that are full of joy, life, and happiness; and I wish you to remember to always Love and Enlighten.

"Spring, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be"


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