Renacer Collection

When life you has you feeling at an all-time low, sometimes you just need something to spark things back up again. Sometimes, you need to feel revived, and that's precisely what my new collection - the Renacer Collection - is all about. Exploring the past to uncover the future and revive one's soul.

 I'm pleased to announce that the Renacer Collection is finally here! This is a really special collection to me on a deeply personal level. The word "Renacer," in fact, means to "revive," and I did just that. For the inspiration behind this collection, I dug back to where it all started for me, in the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica.

 Howler monkeys and crashing waves were once my daily encounters, and something I would love to be able to experience at any time again, if only for a moment.

 I remember sitting by the ocean, teaching myself to wirework and bead. I lived in such a secluded place that I was desperate to find a creative outlet and a way to express my inner passions.

 I had river rocks, leather, and shells to create art with - and that was all I needed. I would spend countless hours playing with form and design until my heart was content. I had nothing else to do but be with the ocean and my precious finds.

 This is also what you can expect in the Renacer Collection, where I have used shells and raw stones, such as Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and Amazonite, for a tranquil, beachy vibe. The entire collection feels beachy with the sandy tones and blue hues. I wanted to keep it raw and basic, but still add my signature "Evita Mia" flair for a noticeable twist.

 The Renacer Collection is very personal and close to the heart. Sometimes, I find it's beneficial to remember the past because it's a way to ground yourself. It's a great insight into why we love to do what we do, and a way to remember how far we have come throughout life! Once we make that connection and realization, it's an overly pleasing sensation.

 To design the Renacer Collection, I had to tune into this part of my past and essentially find myself again. I got in touch with who I used to be and blended it with who I am today. The nostalgia was insanely overwhelming! I revisited the memories that were hiding in the depths of my core, and it ended up being an incredibly freeing experience - as if I was released from binds or a trap that held me for so long.

 It's not easy to go throughout each day of life as happy as you were the previous day. There are always challenges and struggles we have to overcome. But when we revisit our past memories and experiences, we can remember exactly why we started, who we once were, and how change can most certainly be a positive thing - especially if you're advancing in a career or following a lifelong passion.

 I hope I can transport you to that carefree and liberating feeling that the ocean brings, which is what it did for me when I created the Renacer collection. Each piece is as if it were a fragment from my past, coming forward to remind me who I am and where I need to be to feel content. To make me feel reborn and revitalized.

 I long for this feeling to be experienced by everyone, and the pieces from the Renacer collection were designed precisely with this in mind. Feel the emotions of the jewelry instead of merely viewing them decoratively. What could it symbolize for you and your life's journey?

 I'll leave that answer up to you. Enjoy!

Join our Insiders Club for FREE shipping! As usual 15% of sales on drop day are donated to Fundacion Juanfe. A non profit empowering teenage mother's in Colombia.


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