Inez Beaded Wrap Necklace

beaded wrap necklace
Inez Beaded Wrap Necklace
Inez Beaded Wrap Necklace
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Inez Beaded Wrap Necklace
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A beautiful and strategic combination comes the Beaded Wrap Necklace. For those who love to go wild with their style and accessories, flaunt your exotic and confident personality with this Beaded Necklace, one that can be worn wrapped or loose.

Joined together at the bottom is an exotic array of components. The most meaningful piece, the brass flower pendant, is constructed by a community workshop in Mexico that focuses on teaching poverty-sufferers about self-sufficiency. The flower, a neutral brass color, is more focalized due to the stunning red coral presence. Hanging delicately from the flower medallion is a rough labradorite, crafted into a flashy shape and texture to create a raindrop effect off the flower design.

Along the wire of the Beaded Necklace is a combination of different materials that all lead to the labradorite and red quartz bead at the center. This includes the Biwa Pearl and 'Potato' shape pearls, seemingly random to create an imperfect fashion; and the remainder consisting of African Brass beads, small Labradorite beads, African Turquoise beads, tiny Brass Copper, and Glass beads. The particular blue color co-exists beautifully with the white pearl and red accents to give the ultimate bohemian/beach vibe.

  • Handmade Necklace
  • Measurements:
  • Materials: Biwa Pearl, Potato Pearl, African Brass Beads, Labradorite, African Turquoise Beads, Brass Copper, Glass Beads, Red Quartz, Red Coral.
  • All brass components are made by the community workshop in Mexico, who strive to teach skills & provide resources for self-sufficiency to combat Poverty.
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