Jewelry Care

Every item shipped is beautifully gift-wrapped and ready to gift; for yourself, a friend, or beloved. Your jewelry will come in a muslin bag - boxed and sealed with colorful yarn. And just to make it extra special, also supplied is a card with Evita Mia’s story and our purpose to show you our determination to shine on the world through our hand-crafted jewelry.

Provided is a anti-tarnish tab and a polishing cloth.  If you would like it to stay shiny and vibrant, please wipe your jewelry with the polishing cloth after wearing it and when not in use seal it in the ziplock bag with the anti-tarnish tab. This will shield it from unwanted dust, chemicals, and other negative conditions. Never get it wet, and please apply perfume before wearing your jewelry. The materials used are all raw brass unless otherwise stated so your jewelry may 'patina' over time. Personally, I think this can give it more character, charm.

Feel free to contact me directly via the footer link if you have any questions regarding the care of your jewelry!




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