Boho Colorful Wayuu Bags

If you admire handwoven accessories and traditional Colombian art, you will fall in love with the beautifully vibrant Wayuu bags. Carefully handwoven with precise craftsmanship by the indigenous women of the Wayuu Tribe in the La Guajira region, no two pieces are alike. 

Robust natural fibers intertwined comprise these exotic beauties with designs colorfully inspired from their region's natural elements - the sun, sand and wind. The uniqueness of each piece is unlike any other bag, with varying measurements and imperfections that result in an even more authentic experience.

For this unique quality, each Wayuu bag can take from 12 to 15 days to craft through the tight weaving techniques, decorating with traditional tribal patterns, enriching with radiant color and sourcing high-quality cotton fibres. When a Wayuu bag is purchased, you are supporting ethical fashion, and women in rural communities feel empowered to continue their artistry and make a difference. Each bag is expressed from a single artist's perspectives, natural inspiration, and their indigenous culture.

Delight in the joyful nature of the Wayuu bags - their bohemian style is perfect for the oncoming of Summer or is equally as stylish throughout the bliss of Spring. Their comfort and durability will serve as a gorgeous, authentic accessory for years to come.


- Handwoven design

- Robust materials for strength & durability

- Natural premium cotton fibres

- Supports indigenous artisans

- The perfect bohemian accessory

- 100% authentic, traditional art produced from the Wayuu tribe


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