Angelika's Aqua Chalcedony Necklace

Angelika's Aqua Chalcedony Necklace
aqua chalcedony necklace
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A spirited necklace with the purpose of meditation, focus, and wisdom; the Aqua Chalcedony necklace is that of a careful one. Known as a sacred stone, this particular crystal is known as the 'Speaker Stone’ and conveys feelings of wisdom and careful thought.

In this gorgeous necklace, the Aqua Chalcedony is portrayed in a rosary style sterling silver chain, cascading down to a lovely brass pendant; handcrafted in Mexico by a community workshop inspiring poverty sufferer to become self-sufficient. Centered above these aspects are several more prominent ones which also hold unique value in the design.

An exquisite pearl encased in wire speaks of luck and experience; a gem that has been the focus of many pieces of jewelry over generations. Wrapped in gold beads is a beautiful turquoise, complimenting the pearl exotically to embrace the ocean vibe. A crystal quartz completes the trio with a diamond cut brass bead border.

  • Handmade Necklace
  • Measurements - approximately 19.5" long.
  • Materials - Brass, Aqua Chalcedony, Sterling Silver Chain, Pearl, Turquoise, Gold Beads, Crystal Quartz.
  • The brass pendant is made by a community workshop in Mexico which aims to change the future for poverty sufferers positively.
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