Introducing Unica Mia Collection

Introducing my Unica Mia Collection - "Uniquely Mine."

This is an "everlasting," free flow collection put together to embrace my sudden surge to create on a whim.

No strategy.

No timeline.

No theme.

There are no boundaries for this collection. 

The Unica Mia Collection is like when you suddenly want to paint on a canvas or a take a pen to your journal and let your heart out. You let everything flow without restraint. Your mind and heart join to create something you will remember forever.

This is precisely what my Unica Mia Collection is to me. It's a special place to follow my heart and create whatever I feel, whenever I feel. A place to collect my immediate ideas, creations, and inspirations. A collection that will be present and cherished forever. 

I believe the feeling of unrestraint and letting my creativity flow with no rules or deadlines will make this collection unparalleled to any other before it. It

Over the coming weeks, months, and years, I will be consistently adding pieces to this collection, complementing its everlasting focus. The collection will continue infinitely in resonance with my passion and desire to create.

While this collection is vastly different from the focus of the others, it is equally as unique and colorful as them. The Unica Mia Collection is bound to make you feel vibrant, cherished, and special, just as it does for me.

Flow with me and my designs to discover a new, special, handcrafted piece that you can call "Uniquely Mine."

Coming June 19th at 9am.

Join the Inner Circle to bet the first to know what we are up to!  Also, receive 10% off your first purchase! :)

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