Summer with Wayuu bags

There's something about Summer that makes me feel like wearing bohemian-themed accessories. In particular, Wayuu Bags have captured my heart with their vibrant tribal designs and handwoven detailing. Wayuu Bags are carefully handcrafted by the indigenous women of the Wayuu Tribe, located in the La Guajira region.

The beauty of them is that no two Wayuu Bags are ever the exact same. The incredible natural fibers that make up each bag are intricately woven together by hand - a true example of phenomenal talent. The result is an exotic, boho accessory you can wear to the beach, picnics, and any other outdoor occasion where the bag's beautiful colors and details can shine.

These bags aren't just pretty - they're also extremely durable, designed with tight  weaving techniques and high-quality cotton fibers that give it a comfortable and robust feeling. If cared for properly, they can last you many years as a cherished accessory. 

And, if you're like me - someone who loves supporting ethical fashion - then you'll be delighted to know that purchasing a Wayuu Bag supports women in rural communities  so that they can continue their talents and be fairly compensated for it.

Wayuu Bags are an outstanding display of dedicated artistry and the support of ethical  fashion. Plus, with their rich Boho style, how can you say no to wearing one in Summer?

Wayuu bag shop update coming July 10th at 9am!

For 10% off your first purchase join our Inner Circle! 

Shop handmade Wayuu Bags here!

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