Summer at Home. NEW Colombian Summer Collection

Who says we can't look cute and beautiful during these warm, sunny days at home?

I am ecstatic to be introducing this new line of summer dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits by fashion designer Johana Cuevas. Not only are they absolutely stunning, but there is indeed a story behind my search for such beautiful designs.

During my visit to Colombia last year, I noticed a few ladies selling these in the streets of Cartagena. The fabrics were vibrant, and the styles were loose and flowy - exactly what I envision having in my Evita Mia Boutique!

You would think it would be easy for me to discover where to find them, but instead, I was on a mission hunting for these dresses, asking anyone who would have any clue. Finally, I had a name that led me to her boutique!

Sadly, I wasn't able to meet the brilliant designer herself, but I was mesmerized with all of the colors - I wanted every single one of them! It was like walking into a kaleidoscope of different colors that gave me an immediate "summer" vibe.

This resulted in a little "impulse" buying and truly envisioning a dream I have, which is to support artists - hard-working creatives who should have their art seen by the world. To bring you all a little bit of Latin color, culture, and flair.

Summer is here, and just because we are staying at home during this challenging time, it's no excuse why we can't dress for the occasion and still feel beautiful in summery outfits.

I am beyond excited to finally introduce this line. I realized I am so tired of waiting for the perfect moment. Why should there be a perfect moment? I knew I just needed to release it.

Hecho con orgullo y amor en Colombia.⁠ Take a peak at the Look book! 

Live on Friday My 15th!

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